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Something’s Got to Give with Health Insurance

Here’s an interesting article from Chris Hedges that appeared on recently. It’s worth a read. Maybe there really are death panels — and they are disguised as insurance companies. Here are a few stats from the article:

  1. Percentage change since 2002 in average premiums paid to large US health insurance companies: +87%
  2. Percentage change in the profits of the top ten insurance companies: +428%
  3. Chances that an American bankrupted by medical bills has health insurance: 7 in 10

All you really need to ask yourself with regard to the current debates about health care reform is who’s benefiting from the current system that we have in place. Are you? Is your doctor? Read the rest here.

Small Business Website Promotion Blueprint

Starting a new business? Launching a website to go with it?  Here’s a pretty good, step-by-step article about promoting  a new small business website for about $2500.

How to promote a new small business website.

PS: Disregard that cheesy image in the piece. I mean, come on, would you buy from this guy?  Okay, maybe a used car  . . .

All that Stands in the Way are Greed, Lies, and Gullibility

“Every wealthy country other than the United States guarantees essential care to all its citizens.” We can do this.

Miss Maryann’s Sweet & Sour Salad Dressing

Miss Maryann's Salad DressingMove over Paul Newman, Miss Maryann’s is moving into town. Look for it in Whole Foods Market and ask for it by name in Market of Choice. And I’m pretty darn sure that you’ll see it on the shelves in Safeway, Albertson’s, and every major grocer and specialty fine food store throughout the Pacific Northwest very, very soon.

I tried it for the first time tonight at dinner. Miss Maryann’s Sweet & Sour Salad Dressing was liberally mixed into a crisp green salad and served with a delicious plate of Italian spaghetti. Nummers.

Broken Heart

Broken Heart

I guess there really is such a thing as a broken heart. It’s called broken heart syndrome or stress cardiomyopathy. It’s also known Takatsubo Myopathy. It presents with the characteristics of a heart attack, but it’s not, and fortunately patients generally make a full recovery.

This is what happened to a friend this weekend. It was poignant reminder that you never really know how much another person is carrying around in life or when a single moment will break your heart.

Life’s Good

Stella and KitsMy 11-year-old Bearded Collie went from angel dog to archangel dog when I came around the corner the other morning and saw this. Axel, the little yellow guy, and his sister Madeline, managed to catch a few winks compliments of their very warm, soft, and eternally patient new pal Stella.

That’s Right . . . Google Does Know Every Damn Thing About You

Danny Dover over at SEOmoz posted an excellent piece on the info Google keeps about you. Scary, kinda.

Not Just Another “Awesome” Wanna-Be

I came across a neat site this morning while flipping through PC Magazine’s list of 100 top sites for 2009. There are some great sites in this compilation. One of my very favorites is 1000 Awesome Things. Lots of things claim to be awesome, but few really are. As you read through each awesome thing listed here, you may find yourself going, “Oh yeah, that IS awesome.”

Here are a couple of examples:

#714 Changing the channel during a commercial break and then flipping back just as the show’s coming back on.

#725 When the light turns green just as you’re approaching the intersection.

Simple? Yes, but you have to admit, both of these are pretty awesome. 1000 Awesome Things is counting down from, well, 1000. Go and rediscover just how awesome the seemingly little things in life really are.