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The Queen is Cool

A lot of politicians, world leaders, and SIPs have come and gone, but the Queen endures. Her perspective on life, leadership, and learning is royal and yet down-to-earth and approachable. I couldn’t not watch this short video from start to finish.

I Wonder . . . Are These The People Who Pray Before Sex?

The whole issue of health care reform has sure brought out the best in Americans. I mean, come on, shouting down a woman in a wheel chair?

Something’s Got to Give with Health Insurance

Here’s an interesting article from Chris Hedges that appeared on recently. It’s worth a read. Maybe there really are death panels — and they are disguised as insurance companies. Here are a few stats from the article:

  1. Percentage change since 2002 in average premiums paid to large US health insurance companies: +87%
  2. Percentage change in the profits of the top ten insurance companies: +428%
  3. Chances that an American bankrupted by medical bills has health insurance: 7 in 10

All you really need to ask yourself with regard to the current debates about health care reform is who’s benefiting from the current system that we have in place. Are you? Is your doctor? Read the rest here.

All that Stands in the Way are Greed, Lies, and Gullibility

“Every wealthy country other than the United States guarantees essential care to all its citizens.” We can do this.

Is President Obama losing the stimulus battle? | Salon

In this article,’s Joan Walsh makes it clear that President Obama must figure out how to rise above the losing “cut taxes” message of the Republicans and get the message out clearly about why the stimulus plan is critical.

Is President Obama losing the stimulus battle? | Salon