Monthly Archives: January, 2010

A Cabin in the Woods

Where I could see myself spending a little time . . . .

Bear Paw Cabin at Pinnacle Cabin Rentals in Helen, GA

Bear Paw Cabin

One of these days, if I ever make it to North Georgia, I’m going to get in touch with the folks at Pinnacle Cabin Rental and make arrangements to spend a few days in this cabin. In the Fall, I bet the surroundings are a knock-out…..

Book Shelves I’ve Seen

British Library

British Library, London

The British Library is stunning. You can sit in one place for hours and just stare. Saw the table where Ian Fleming wrote Goldfinger and toured the extraordinary behind-the-scene inner workings of the library.

Trinity Library, Dublin

The Trinity Library in Dublin is where the Book of Kells lives. It’s actually in the Old Library, shown here.

The Book of Kells

Lone Penguin

My favorite shot from the Antarctica trip. I’d like to go back one day. Maybe go a little further south to catch a glimpse of Emperor Penguins.  It’s hard to explain the allure of the place. There’s just something about the ice.  And the complete sense of isolation and pureness.

After the People Were Rescued – The Rescue of the Plane from the Icy Waters of the Hudson River

The rescue of the passengers from US Airways Flight 1549 was a miracle. But here’s an eerie and amazing video of crews and equipment pulling the Airbus A320 from the Hudson River where it had been lying submerged for three days.

A Little Trip Through the Universe . . . and Back

This is a cool thing I came across today.

“What would it look like to travel across the known universe? To help humanity visualize this, the American Museum of Natural History has produced a modern movie featuring many visual highlights of such a trip.”