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Small Business Website Promotion Blueprint

Starting a new business? Launching a website to go with it?  Here’s a pretty good, step-by-step article about promoting  a new small business website for about $2500.

How to promote a new small business website.

PS: Disregard that cheesy image in the piece. I mean, come on, would you buy from this guy?  Okay, maybe a used car  . . .

That’s Right . . . Google Does Know Every Damn Thing About You

Danny Dover over at SEOmoz posted an excellent piece on the info Google keeps about you. Scary, kinda.

Not Just Another “Awesome” Wanna-Be

I came across a neat site this morning while flipping through PC Magazine’s list of 100 top sites for 2009. There are some great sites in this compilation. One of my very favorites is 1000 Awesome Things. Lots of things claim to be awesome, but few really are. As you read through each awesome thing listed here, you may find yourself going, “Oh yeah, that IS awesome.”

Here are a couple of examples:

#714 Changing the channel during a commercial break and then flipping back just as the show’s coming back on.

#725 When the light turns green just as you’re approaching the intersection.

Simple? Yes, but you have to admit, both of these are pretty awesome. 1000 Awesome Things is counting down from, well, 1000. Go and rediscover just how awesome the seemingly little things in life really are.