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A Simple Drop of Water

Here’s kind an interesting animation of the life of a simple drop of water. Stuff we all know but very fun to watch.

Even the Pope Has to Watch It

It seems that no one is immune from having to cut back on the stuff one loves to eat.

A Decent Waste of Time?

This is a great way to find great TED talks depending on what you’re looking for and how much time you may have. 

TED – Let Us Surprise You

Run Around Sue – So Fricken Great


A short and stunning sci-fi film by 22-year-old German director, Kaleb Lechowski. Really well done.

Ocean Magnificent

I drove to one of my favorite little lookouts when I got over to the beach this weekend. The sun was shining briefly, and a handful of souls where down on the beach during the few hours when you can actually get down there on a stormy winter day.

The ocean was huge, the air was cold, and this woman, standing alone at the edge of waves, expressed it all.

Ocean Happy

The Oregon Coast is great in the summer. But in the winter, it’s magnificent.

Even if you think you won’t, you will.

And the song that accompanies it is wonderful, so have your sound up . . .

A Fascinatingly Disturbing Thought

Pretty interesting. 12 minutes of well worth it.

We Are the Patriots

A powerful piece by Gore Vidal (1925-2012) written in 2003.

Gor Vidal

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Think You Can Change Someone’s Mind? With Facts?


Here’s a pretty interesting piece about the futility of trying to change someone’s mind about their deep-seated beliefs – even with facts.  The author refers to it as the Backfire Effect. Helps explain all those folks who believe there were WMDs in Iraq and that Obama was not born in Hawaii – even though the facts prove otherwise.

The perpetual Hatfields and McCoys . . . . and the premise of the article is proved out in all the comments that follow that piece. Amazing.