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I think one of the things we mourn when people we care about die is that we will never be able to create new memories with them again.

Life seems to be about the memories we can make and the memories we can keep. Memory makes us human. I can’t see it working any other way.

Intention & Connection

In thinking what it means to live with intention, or to determine what one’s intentions are in any given situation, I decided to look up the exact meaning of the word.

From Merriam-Webster Online:

Intention – noun
Date: 14th century
1: a determination to act in a certain way: resolve
2: import, significance
3a: what one intends to do or bring about; b: the object for which a prayer, mass, or pious act is offered
4: a process or manner of healing of incised wounds
5: concept; especially: a concept considered as the product of attention directed to an object of knowledge
Synonyms: intention, intent, purpose, design, aim, end, object. Intention implies little more than what one has in mind to do or bring about. Intent suggests clearer formulation or greater deliberateness. Purpose suggests a more settled determination. Design implies a more carefully calculated plan. Aim adds to these implications of effort directed toward attaining or accomplishing. End stresses the intended effect of action often in distinction or contrast to the action or means as such. Object may equal end but more often applies to a more individually determined wish or need.

Hmmmm. Interesting. When you find yourself in a immersed in a situation filled with ambiguities, and you’re not exactly uncomfortable there, you eventually have to stop and ask yourself what your intentions are with regard to your part in it.

Intention and connection. How are these related?

Foreshadowing a Lasting Marriage

On the news that other night, there was a story about a couple in the UK who just gotten married. The bride and groom were Wilma & Fred Flintstone respectively, and the entire wedding party was attired in Flintstone get-up.

Yabba-dabba-doo wedding.

Yabba-dabba-doo wedding.

It occurred to me as I was watching the story that this couple would probably have a very successful marriage. They share the same sense of humor and playfulness, can probably laugh at themselves, and agree on approaches to important decisions. They must also generally be surrounded by equally blessed friends and family who – even if they don’t completely feel comfortable with an approach, support it nevertheless.

There must be certain signs or good omens that signal a successful long-term relationship in the same way that you can just tell when a couple is not meant to be. I think these kinds of weddings signal something big, something grand and wonderful about a relationship.

Flintstone Wedding Party
Flintstone Wedding Party

This story reminded me of the wedding video from the Dancing Bride and Groom (Jill & Kevin’s Wedding) – one of the best wedding videos of all time. Here again, the same set of factors in play. I imagine these two will be together for a long, long time.