Beach Bums

As Stella gets older and time with her feels like it’s getting short, I want to make sure that she and I spend as much time at our favorite place in the world – the beach. We went over a couple of weeks ago and the sun managed to come out so that we could walk on the beach several times.

Here’s the path to the beach from the house and then the beach itself. The beach at Gleneden is one of the most changeable I’ve ever known.  From day to day the patterns of the sand changes – one day the beach is smooth from shore to waterline, and the next a cliff has been carved out of the sand at the wave line. One day there are just a few pebbles and bits of driftwood on the beach and the next, you have a rocky beach like the one below.  No two walks along the beach are the same. Ever.

Path to the Beach

A Rocky Gleneden Beac

Stella at the Beach

And here’s that Stella girl trotting on the beach.  All that fresh air — okay 30 miles an hour winds — up her bumper nose gives her a big blast of energy. That and the feel of the cool sand between her toes . . .  Been thinking we need to make it a point to get over there at least once a month.  One way or another.

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