Twelve New Rules

I came across this today while sitting in on a website review for a career workshop site. It struck me as pure gold. Here are the first few of the new rules:

1. No one owes you anything – not the government, your employer, your family, or your spouse. Although the world around you is less and less definite and predictable, it is no less valuable and mysterious. To rejoice in living you must invent your own future, entrepreneur your life, and expect surprises.

2. Global change is the major force in your life, and in the lives of everyone on earth. We are all in training for a new era for all humanity. Don’t whine about it. Take advantage of the expanding possibilities now available to you in our world of constant flow.

3. You have no ultimate safety, security, or guarantees, so don’t expect any. What you have are endless . . . [continue]

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