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Makes You Wonder Why We Bother

Here is a report from Consumer Watchdog regarding the profits of Exxon, Chevron and others. It’s information like this that all Americans need to work into their decisions about who to elect, what line of BS to buy into, and how to force down the price of oil and stop rewarding the mega profiting oil companies. As long as we keep buying it, they’ll keep doing business as usual. Good for them, shame on us.

Heading Down to Ashland

Every year, four times each year, we head down to Ashland for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Although it is just a three hour drive from where we live, it’s as though you’ve been on a plane and have traveled to some fabulous destination – that’s how cool it is.

If you’re interested in wonderful repertoire theater, enjoy really good dining, like to poke around in local shops, and a lot more try Ashland, Oregon.  And if you do have to fly in from somewhere, do it. You’ll be glad you did.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival