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Kwibi and the Man

One of the most moving and amazing reunions I’ve ever seen.

A Semester At Sea

My friend Luana and her husband Bob decided late last year to take advantage of a great deal offered by the Semester At Sea program. She’d been laid-off from her job several months back, and had been unable to find another, and Bob had taken reluctant early retirement in the midst of layoffs taking place where he worked.

Bob & Luana

I think this was the best decision ever. When given the gift of time – willingly or not – the precious gift of time, a person ought to take advantage of it by doing something life-changing. Which Bob and Luana have done.

Anyway, they’re keeping a great blog of their journey. Both are wonderful writers and have captured in both photos and prose the essence of a bunch of places around the world. I’ve been keeping track of their progress both by map and by blog. I’m looking forward to the next time Lu and I meet up at Peet’s. I want to hear the stories.

Oh, and did I mention I’m envious? Yep, I sure am. Here’s the deal: there’s plenty enough time for work. What there’s not nearly enough time for is living. Of course you never find this stuff out until, well, you know.

Cow Pies

Ganges River

Cheetahs in the Wild

The Ghana Bread Lady

What Teachers Make

Just saw this video today. It’s really a good one. Reminded me of my teacher friends – to whom all this would apply.

After the People Were Rescued – The Rescue of the Plane from the Icy Waters of the Hudson River

The rescue of the passengers from US Airways Flight 1549 was a miracle. But here’s an eerie and amazing video of crews and equipment pulling the Airbus A320 from the Hudson River where it had been lying submerged for three days.